PAX.V Overview

A comprehensive PACS solution, 100% web-based application built from scratch with fully fledged functionality: Priors, Reporting, Measurements, Filming, Hanging Protocols, and Media Creation.

PAX.V is designed for stand-alone or multi-site environments and assures life-critical redundancy, scalability and reliability.

It is available as a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA).

The database provides a unified data view and a common interface for all users.

PAX.V is an imaging platform that can be integrated with third party applications.

PAX.V supports single patient, multi
MRN, multiple HIS/RIS, and multiple
hospital scenarios.

It is an enterprise repository for all
medical images providing instant
access to a patient’s complete
imaging history.

Key Features

>  Automatic Cross-Modality Image Linking

The application recognizes when users are in the process of comparing two exams. The easy-to-use linking feature works for cross-modality comparison as well as current and prior studies from the same modality.

>  Reports Viewing

Referring physicians can directly access reports from the work list and from the images through one click. Additionally, an audit trail of the imaging history shows prior reports.

>  Key Images & Priors

Key images are automatically created if a user annotates or marks up on an image and then saves the presentation state. The PACS will automatically create a summary series of these key images and clinicians can choose whether to automatically display the key image or not.

PAX.V Application

A fully web-based DICOM server, up-loading and downloading as you go. Brings clinical applications onto one point and enables customization.

PAX.V 100% Zero Footprint Application