Striving to shape the future of human lives, our guest is to develop innovative, meaningful and cutting-deg it solutions for both industrial and healthcare worlds.


Developing and creating innovative, meaningful and cutting-edge IT solutions for both the industrial and healthcare world.


The firm ADVINTIC GmbH, founded 2014 in Germany, is an international software house and a provider of technological solutions with a long history back to 2003. It flashes back to 2003 with the early startup Optimal Systems, it was situated in — and focusing on the dynamic Egyptian market and middle east. Today Optimal Systems has been fully acquired and merged into ADVINTIC GmbH.

What We do?

A quite significant portion of our investment is directed to develop new technologies that serve as platforms for the Healthcare IT, big-data and internet-of-things. Our partner’s network spans over the USA, Germany and the Middle east including key universities as well as key opinion leaders in their fields. We leverage the field of open source components with a strong focus on (independent) cross platform apps and solutions

Universally Tailored Solutions

In ADVINITIC we formally distinguish between our features, their benefits and how you value them. Our design concepts start with the values added on your side. With ADVINITIC you will invest in a tailored solution made specifically to meet your needs.

Always-On Support

It is essence of partnership: support never stops. We acquire the best talents and consultants in the region where are active to be always on support, starting from consultation prior to deals and continue hand-in-hand with our customers.

Risk-Sharing, Lets Grow Together

In all our contractual profiles, you will always get a minimum of risk sharing from our side. We trust our solutions will bring you forward, and will make your entity grows.