Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems


ADVINTIC has a proven records track of successful projects within the fields of artificial intelligence. Our focus is the true and realistic industrial applications of artificial and adaptive intelligence; although a couple of these projects might still fall unders the paradigm of research and development, the results show significant potential for real market adoption and relevant business opportunities.


With AI, you can reach …

  • A new level of organization and control of the entire value chain.
  • Strengthen competitiveness.
  • Quality control and quality assurance.

Via the advantages offered by Intelligent Systems. Intelligent systems enable...

  • products and production systems unfold new functionalities and relieve their users.
  •  development, set-up, maintenance and life cycle management are improved.
  • increase reliability, safety and availability of products and production systems.
  • resources such as energy and materials are used more efficiently.
  • individualized and changeable production processes are made possible.

In our AI Solution approach, we develop the understanding not just the model.

With our strong interdisciplinary approach, we combine mathematical models, and computers, as well as biologically inspired systems.

With our AI and Neural Science expertise, ADVINTIC is capable of capturing much deeper insights than usual AI providers today. Following the depicted chart, our core team transfers your fragmented data into an insightful and meaningful “digital” understanding of the problem or phenomena at hand.

This digital understanding is coined — nowadays — the digital twin! Whether your project is ultimately willing to mimic the process to work with such digital twin or you need just to capture part of it, we will make such digital twin of your process at the tip of your finger.


With this approach, we deliver any solutions with main key unique features:

  • The System is capable of interaction with its own environment, and adapt to it independently.
  • Robust it is able to handle unexpected and non-previously-developed situations in a constantly changing environment.
  • Looking ahead, it anticipates the effects of different influences on the basis of empirical knowledge.
  • User-friendly, we take into account the different behavior of users; the system is designed to adapt independently.

Scope & Application Examples

In the last decade, ADVINTIC team in collaboration with top German universities delivered AI-based forecasting, optimization and modeling solutions in the following fields and disciplines:
Healthcare & Diagnostic imaging


Automotive & Car Industry


Prognosis/Prediction of truck parts failure: Prediction of parts-failure-probability and failure time-window, based on the accumulated readings of usage sensors (Pressure, temperature, shear forces and vibrations).
Optimization of engine sensors reading and storage.

Renewable Energy & Power production


Prediction of energy balance: Difference between supply and demand
Chemistry & Laboratory Systems


Modeling of sample purity and test eligibility
Data Privacy Note: ADVINTIC will not share all details about the above listed projects as per the agreements of the main contractor.