Smart Compass

Smart Compass


ADVINTIC has a proven records track of successful projects within the fields of artificial intelligence. Our focus is the true and realistic industrial applications of artificial and adaptive intelligence, although a couple of these projects might still fall under the paradigm of research and development, the results show significant potential for real market adoption and relevant business opportunities.

Beyond healthcare dashboard

Missing enough data makes a problem; but missing the right tools, data will never be transferred into knowledge. And only based on proper knowledge and understanding of situation a correct decision can be taken. ADVINTIC’s Hospital Smart Compass makes this possible via seamless  integration and automation of the involved processes, starting from data collection all the way through till decision and monitor & control.

The benefit

The Scope

With Increasing accountability and governance pressures on health facilities, the providers today are increasingly tracking and reporting KPIs to get a measure of how they progressing towards short and log term goals.

The interface